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The Dan Rivers Thursday Podcast is up.

Today's show opened with the compulsory review of Jeffrey Epstein, although the story is so reprehensible my heart was not in the disertation.

I aired Bill Barr's comments after the death of Epstein, and he promised to get to the bottom of the suicide. It's more than just empty promises, Barr knew the death of Epstein was fraught with incredible irregularities- two guards falling asleep, alarms that did not work, yet he did little. Dr. Bodden the Fox contributor all but said it was not a suicide. We talked about it on today's show, plus a comment from Tucker Carlson. 

I have wanted to talk about Norman Lear after the 101-year-old died a couple of weeks ago. I asked the simple question did Archie Bunker bring the races closer or cause more discontent? 

I sight two schools of thought, the first that Bunker was so exaggerated that the White race was ashamed of him. The second is that Archie Bunker was the dismemberment of the white race. "Meathead" rules, remember Meathead was always right and Archie was wrong. We are now ruled by a nation of "Meatheads.

A friend Fred Cheeks who is a successful recyler from Baltimore joined me in the second hour. Fred allayed a lot of talk that recycling is just a scam. He reveals how Cardboard, Newspaper, plastic bottles and bags are being recycled daily. His disertation causes me to ask, why recycling is not mandatory in Oho and Pennsylvania? Fred owns Eastern Recyling in Baltimore and Shamrock Recyling.

Later in the show, Chip Martin called to give a ringing endorsement of enhanced Pyrolysis. He sighted the safety of the practice and clearly demonstrates how the city of Youngstown has turned their back on a burgeoning industry. 

Listening to Chip, he takes you through each step in recovering the trapped energy in tires and 7 plastics while heating and cooling the downtown. The proposed system for the city would provide inexpensive heating and cooling and pioneered in the Mahoning Valley. 

Think about the upside, ridding the country of un-wanted tires, capturing the energy, recovering the carbon and steel. You would think environmentalist would salute the achievement, but SOBE has had the welcome wagon derailed at their doorsteps. 

Talk tomorrow on a "Phone it in Friday" Ohio Senator Mike Rulli at 10a.

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