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Dan Rivers Podcast and commentary for January 5, 2023 570 WKBN

Today was "Frog Boy" voice. I woke up with a voice not my own. It reminded me how our voices give us confidence and when they don't you lose it. 

In any event the voice got better in the second half of the show, I was speaking with "Halls" and water all morning and just to top it off the phones were acting up.

Hopefully I related a few stories that you may not have heard, such as the government of New Zeeland now banning silent prayer. Look it up, they want to ban those that would silently pray for the conversion of a person transitioning to come to their senses and revert to the Gender they were born. Not sure how they enforce that, maybe I was reading the Babylon Bee?

After many instances of clearing the throat (hopefully none on the Podcast), we brought Lauren Fix on in the third hour. Lauren, a renown resource for the auto industry revealed that China is planning on building electric cars in Mexico, and they would fall under the auspices of the North American Free Trade agreement and make them eligible for the $ 7,500 rebate given to electric car buyers. By the way the treaty is now called the USMCA. Fixx points out this would devastate the American Car industry as China produces the car in highly automated factories and cheap labor.

I asked her about Lordstown and the PEAR, she said she had driven the 'Ocean" made by Fiskar but they have not made many, and she worries that Fiskar does not have the investors to build the PEAR. That was disappointing to hear, maybe more smoke and mirrors for the Mahoning Valley? 

We wrapped up the show with some good news in that the Ohio House and Senate have passed a "Homestead Exemption Bill that would allow those over 65 making less than $ 70,000 dollars to enjoy the exemption. The example given is those that qualify would be taxed on $ 50,000 for a house valued at $ 100.000. 

We'll pick it up Monday with Congressman Bill Johnson at 10, Clay Aikens and Rhuban Stoddard at 11:30, that's my story. 

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