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Dan Rivers Podcast for January 8, 2024

Maybe I am just fed up and don't want to sign on to one more App, the thought of signing up for Peacock to watch an NFL game has me doing something else Saturday night. 

It's probably that I have reached my breaking point after all the roll your own your own TV is fairly maddening. Remember we asked for it, we hated cable because we had to take all those channels we never watched and now we can pick and choose and yes, I am still bitching. 

It does seem like a lot, right? Net Flix, Amazon is a must have for the shipping, but Fubo, Peacock, Tubi, Crackle, Pluto, Fox Nation, it's enough already. 

I remember when my dad put up an antenna to be able to pick up the stations from Fort Wayne, before that we were limited to one station from Lima, Ohio. I still remember my Uncles quote, why do you need more than one channel, you can only watch one at a time? Variety Uncle, bet he never thought of split screen TV either. 

You have to admit, it's a crazy world, Sling, Hulu, Cable, Furbo, Crackle, Pluto , Fox Nation and a whole bunch of others that I have forgotten. 

The interesting part is regularly they need to be flushed of Cashe, restarted and they still glitch. On top of all that Armstrong, A t & t or whatever they call themselves now is being joined by Comcast and now even T Mobile promises internet services. It's too much, I tell you.

I keep reminding myself we asked for autonomy, in picking the stations you want to pay for. You would think we would be happy, but we are not. The fact of the matter is, unless you want to jump thru a bunch of hoops and watch shows delayed you are going to need a TV provider to watch ESPN or Fox news. They then pile on with a bunch of channels you hardly watch (Lifetime) and you're right back to where you were before you cut the cord. Bottom line, they all have to pay for content to show you. 

I am putting my foot down on Peacock, I will not sign up for yet another Network that needs a password and a credit card. Enough. I said the same to Sirius when I found out they had slimmed down my radio package. I cried out " Let it lapse" and sure enough last Wednesday driving along 224 and listening Del Reeves "This must be the bottom on the song went dead and do did all the other channels. 

I say let them court me, oh yes you know they will call before the month's out and offer me a package that includes everything I want at a better price. Until then I am rediscovering all my local free radio channels and thousands of free channels on the free I Heart radio App, don't ask me how they do it, but it all free unless you want to be able to skip and replay songs. 

It's a free App and they keep adding more channels. Much of TV is still free. For example, on the easy Antennae I told you how to make I get at least four Public Channel including Channel 45. I get channel 21 and I think Dable, WBCB and one I have forgotten, I get channel 27 plus WYFX, WYTV and more sub channels. In essence with a simple antenna, I pick up 15 to 20 local channels. 

Oh, the easy antennae, cut a piece of coax 18 inches long. Leave the screw in part on the cable, that goes into the Coax receptacle marked Antennae on your TV. Take off 6 inches of insulation, bare the copper wire, take the silver woven wire and pull it down over the black coax. Tape this part down with black tape and leave the loan copper wire exposed and you should get of the local stations. You have to use the source on the remote the TV came with to choose antennae TV. That's it, still a few things that are free and worthwhile, like the radio show you are listening to right now. 570 WKBN.

That's my story.

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