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Rivers Podcast featuring Al Cutrona and Mike Tomzak for Jan 8, 2024

On today's show State Representative Al Cutrona outlined why he was on his way to Columbus to lead the house in overriding Governor Mike DeWine's veto of "Trans" legislation. 

The house and Senate bill essentially stops the use of Puberty blocking pills, Gender surgery for anyone under the age of 18. In addition, it stops biological males from participating in women's sports. It seems everyone, including me, is scratching their heads and wonder what DeWine was thinking. I saw representative Loychic and he was also headed to Columbus to cast his vote against the Governor also.

Cutrona could not give examples of children undergoing sex change surgery in Ohio, but he did say they took the witness from an out of state woman who had undergone the surgery with plenty of regret. 

It makes sense to me that we stop the use of Puberty Blockers with the exception of rare cases where they are medically prescribed for growing too quickly. I think the Senate and House in correct in protecting children. 

YSU assistant and former Ohio State Quarterback Mike Tomzak weighed in the Michigan national championship win over Washington, Tomzak said he sent a congratulatory text to Michigan coach Harbaugh. Listen for Tomzak in the later part of the Pod Cast, he is on the show each week. 

I think Harbaugh will leave Michigan in view of the mess college football has created. In my assessment it would be an impossible task to coach in college with the transfer portal allowing the players to leave at will, often for the highest bidder. 

Harbaugh can coach at any of the potential 6 NFL jobs opening soon. To stay at Michigan, he and other coaches don't know who's playing for them until the athlete shows up and goes to class. 

Coach Philips has the same problem, but his success has largely been avoiding the portal and running a development program, but a coach does not have the luxury of a development program at Ohio State and Michigan. 

it's a big challenge for the YSU men as they take on one of the best teams in the Horizon League Wednesday night. Calhoun has assembled a great team but stumbled against Northern Kentucky and Oakland. If you can't make Wednesday night's game, try to attend the nationally televised game Friday night at 9 as the Quins take on Wright State. You have to see this version of YSU men's basketball, the coach can play 10 players with no drop off in talent. 

See you at the game on Wednesday.

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