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Rivers Podcast for January 11, 2023

Don't give in to the fake staged outrage that YSU is crumbling because Congressman Bill Johnson is about to take the reins of YSU. 

Yes, I have been uncharacteristically quiet with regard to the fake outrage unleashed on the YSU community by students' protestors. 

I think the best quote was from Congressman Bill Johnson when he said "no, I am not concerned, I am going to be the president of YSU, and I have a contract that states just that and soon too. 

I decided not to give in to the protestations because they deserve no attention. Congressman Johnson has been successful in all endeavors, from growing up on a mule farm, enduring a tough homelife, achieving Lt. Colonel in the armed forces to tirelessly serving in the United States Congress in one of the most gerrymandered districts that stretches from Youngstown to Lucasville.

He never complained or cried about the district but to the contrary Johnson proudly served and made himself available to the media. Youngstown is 3 hours from Marietta, but he attended every chicken dinner offered and often drove home after. 

The district is so hard to cover he purchased his own tail dragger and tried to cover the district by plane before the plane gave up its ghost. 

Yet, we have protestors who rally around the fact that Congressman Bill Johnson supported President Donald Trump and in their world that is a Cardinal sin. 

Today if the election were to be held Trump is up by a landslide. It's not lost on the general public that under Joe Biden we have resorted to having students do remote learning so that aliens from 150 countries can inhabit their schools for shelter. 

Yes, in Brooklyn New York, students are going on remote learning so that the schools and auditoriums can be used to house non-citizens that have migrated to New York from every corner of the world at Joe Bidens insistence. 

During his democrat campaign speech Joe Biden told the world that they should come to America and claim asylum. Come they did, estimates are at least 7 million and counting and that is probably undercounting. Joe Biden created a crisis that did not exist under Trump. Maybe that is why Johnson supported Donald Trump. 

Smart Americans know there was no border crisis during the Obama or Trump administration, but that it is a result of the Biden Administration inviting the world to come to America and claim a stake in the American dream. 

To some this sounds noble, and I am afraid Idealistic. No Country intentionally invites refugees who will displace their own citizens who already live on the margin. We have housed non citizens in luxury hotels while our own homeless, non housed people live on the street. Yes, it is bazaro world, but it's based in truth, it is actually happening. No sein person would think it possible.

So that brings us to Congressman Johnson's Cardinal Sin of supporting President Donald Trump. Contrast the Trump presidency and what democrats and Biden have foisted on the American public and that is why Congress Johnson is supported by the people that matter.

I for one, support my alma mater no matter who is in charge, because I know that Youngstown State is a source of pride for the entire community. Think about it a small commuter school when I attended to a vibrant campus with plenty of student housing and directed by one of the most popular men in the state of Ohio Jim Tressel. Who disregards the importance of supporting such an entity?  

Remember Jim Tressel chose Youngstown, not Akron, he came to the school uncredentialed as in achieving a doctorate but by every standard he achieved more than the naysayers who only looked at Tressel as an unqualified president. 

Now comes Bill Johnson, will he pick up the ball and move it forward, apparently the silent majority in the community think he will. 

Two donors who committed $ 100 Thousand dollars to the new student center, heard the naysayers' protests regarding Johnson. This past week these two donors called the University and said you know that $ 100 thousand we promised?  

We would like to change our promise, put us down for $ 250 thousand each. 

The silent majority are at work in support of Bill Johnson. When these donors are ready to publicly announce their contribution, we will salute them on the air for their support of Youngstown State. Thank You. 

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