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Rivers Podcast for January 17, 2023

Ten maybe 15 years ago I started taking interest in immigration to the United States. Today's Podcast goes directly to that topic. 

When I first started sounding the alarm about uncontrolled immigration, we were talking about a few hundred thousand migrants sneaking into America. 

During Biden's term we don't know the numbers, but we think it's 5 million plus who have been distributed across America with no shelter, clothing or the right to work.

If I were to address a literate audience, most would understand this is a recipe for disaster. More than 100 thousand have descended up New York City. 

I have some experience in New York. On your best day, you encounter thousands of people on the streets, even at midnight or later. 

When Frank talked about the city that never sleeps, it probably because of the dense population, shoppers, sight seeers, party people, tourists, New York is full of people. It's out most populace city. 

It's hard to understand why the Biden administration, would allow a city like New York would be ravaged with people.

We talk about it on the Pod Cast, and it looks like most have had enough and are ready to give Joe the shoe. Why did we allow this to happen? The only logical answer is that some power wanted it to happen.

We have overwhelmed cities with people who need everything and by law cannot legally work. They are turning to survival. They are going door to door in suburbs looking for handouts.

What the Biden administration has done in un-forgivable. Millions risked their lives to come to America and have been turned over to municipal governments to deal with the no help to the cities.

If America does not turn out Joe Biden and elect a commonsense president, we are beyond redemption. In other words, if people do not understand what Biden and his handlers have done to this country, they are not paying attention.

It's all in hour 2 and 3 of today's Podcast.

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