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Minimum wage is an attack on freedom.

You see news stories and you are in disbelief; I am sure it has happened to you regularly since Covid. Lawmakers in California have mandated that private business pay their employees a starting wage of $ 48,000 thousand dollars a year. Yes, the new starting wage is $ 20.00 dollars an hour in land of "Fruits and Nuts". 

Put it to the test, Twin Peaks restaurant is opening , late January in Boardman. It's a private enterprise and after a million dollars plus spent remodeling an old restaurant, they are ready to start retiring the debt for construction, future taxes, water, gas, electric and wages. If they were opening in California instead of Ohio, they would be mandated to pay their staff $ 20.00 dollars an hour, cooks, dishwashers, bus boys (can you still say busboys?) My auto corrects tried to stop me but lets live on the edge.

I have a few questions?

Who does a $ 20 dollar mandated starting wage help?

Not employees, because the budget dictates you will need less labor because you can not afford the wages.

It doesn't help the consumer because you will have fewer servers, meaning longer waits and worse service. 

It doesn't help business, because some will not be able to open their doors with a $ 20 dollar starting wage.

I am listening, who does this help? Are any California lawmakers smart enough to realize this a job killer. 

Bring automation, because the bots are reliable. 

In fact, while you are scratching your head, tell me who benefits from any mandated wage.

This is a "Rivers Truism" the only way to set wages is with demand. Anything less is a false premise. When did we start telling a free people what wages are to be paid. 

Indentured servitude is no longer the rule, you as a free person are entitled by your birthright and your God Given rights to open a store or offer your labor for whatever wage you can convince another to pay.

The minimum wage is an attack on freedom, and it is infuriating to tell a merchant what he or she is required to pay to attempt to serve the public and make a buck.

This is an attack on freedom and if we don't stand up to dangerous mandates from out-of-control legislators, you will no longer be living in the land of the free. 

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