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The Teleprompter and President Biden

Over the years, we've discussed the fitness of American presidents, but never have we seen the embarrassment that is Joe Biden. The current president lacks awareness when reading from a teleprompter.

Having personally read scripts and prompters, I know the importance of preparation. Even if you've written the script yourself, reading it cold is never advisable. Joe Biden doesn't even have that advantage because he doesn't write his own speeches, putting him at a disadvantage from the start.

Is it laziness on his part for not pre-reading the scripts? Perhaps it's a lack of time due to his busy schedule. Or maybe his writers are getting his speeches to him late. Whatever the reason, he often appears unaware of the content of his policy speeches.

How else do you explain a president reading from the prompter and accidentally saying "Four more years," pausing as if he wasn't supposed to read that part, yet continuing on without acknowledgment? This would be laughed off by someone with awareness of what they're doing.

Two years ago, Jim Tressel joked his way through hosting duties at a "shark tank event" by saying, "Oh, I'm not supposed to read that, forget you heard that." Joe Biden can't do that.

As Americans, we should expect more from our leadership. Yet, there are enablers who will do anything to keep America under the leadership of Joe Biden just to stay in power. The scathing books that will inevitably be written by those close to Biden about his presidency will reveal the truth.

Shamefully, those who will profit from tell-all books are now covering for a White House under the direction of an elderly man with a poor memory, who doesn't understand a simple rally point like "Four more years."

Joe Biden cannot be left to his own adlibs because his mind wanders, and he struggles to recover. Most of us who do public speaking work from simple phrases to keep us on track to tell the story to its completion. The people who want to stay in power don't trust Joe Biden to stay on message.

This elderly man with a poor memory hasn't given a true press conference in his entire presidency. When I say "true," I mean not a press conference where he reads from cue cards, but where journalists pose questions that Joe Biden answers.

What I'm saying is disgraceful, not only to Biden as a human being but also to the American people who are seeking leadership in turbulent times. Fresh off a pandemic, we segue into record deficits and double-digit inflation. We have 10 million newcomers trying to assimilate into our country, diverting resources from citizens in need. We're in the middle of two hot wars, and the president declares war on global warming.

Joe Biden lacks awareness of the nuances of climate change; he's merely appeasing radical climate change zealots who focus on one issue. Many of these same people wrongly prophesied that Miami would be underwater by the year 2000. They have no scientific basis for their anti-fracking ideology, or an understanding of how fossil fuels have saved countless lives by providing heating and air conditioning.

Joe Biden seems unaware of the real issues. Instead, he creates issues he thinks will buy him votes, such as forgiving loans for those who sought the college experience.

I recently learned that a professional violinist, who spent years mastering the violin but now struggles to find work after accumulating $250,000 in student debt, is on track to have at least part of his debt forgiven. I pray that Americans revolt and rise up against this unfair giveaway of money to people who voluntarily took on debt. They made the debt; now they should repay it.

Biden even wants to tax those who never had the chance or desire to go to college to fund this forgiveness. I say "pox on their houses"; they incurred the debt, now they must repay it.

Dan Rivers

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