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Old McDonalds comes to Youngstown

Is it just me, or is the City of Youngstown just trying to find ways to waste money? This time, it's the former McDonald's property on Market Street that was purchased with American Rescue Funds back in 2022.

Why would the city need this building? Initially, they talked about it being a police precinct. Just asking, if you need the police, don’t you simply call them? If you need a police report, don’t you go to the police station, i.e., Boardman, and pick up the report? In a city the size of Youngstown, should we really be thinking about converting a failed McDonald’s into a police precinct?

OK, that’s a bad idea. Let’s take it to the next step. Not only will it be a police station, but it will also be a warming center for constituents. How many people are going to leave the comfort of their homes to go to the McDonald’s on Market Street to warm up, especially in view of the fact that we really only have cold weather about three months a year?

Oh, we’re not done. We’re going to make it a TV studio also. Constituents can come in and be part of an access TV channel so that they can broadcast their high-level thoughts to all who want them. I thought that’s what we did with Facebook and usually from the comfort of our homes.

Oh, but it could be more. We want to make it into a women’s pantry. For those women who need personal hygiene items, rather than go all the way downtown, they simply go through a drive-through window. Well, my question would be, where are they going downtown for personal hygiene items now?

But there’s more. The TV studio could act as an educational experience for folks aspiring to get into TV production. Again, forgive me for being cynical, but isn’t that what YouTube does?

Oh, and by the way, the cost has now gone from the initial purchase of the failed McDonald’s of $161,000. It will now cost $800,000 to get the building up and running. And this will just be the beginning because you will have to have a manager of the building. I’m sure janitorial services and ongoing maintenance will be needed.

Here’s the strange thing about it. It appears that city council will approve the money for this boondoggle tonight. They are also planning a meeting at the Newport library at 5 o’clock where the community is encouraged to show what they want to see in the center. I would love to see the attendance for this meeting.

And while we’re at it, isn’t this a duplication of what the Newport library already provides? A meeting room, a warming center—no, I don’t think they give out products.

This is all coming from the feral mind of Councilwoman Anita Davis. My friends, your tax dollars at work because the City of Youngstown has to spend its dollars by December 31.

Got any good ideas? It sounds to me like they’re willing to approve almost anything.

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