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Daniel Turner Exposes Climate Double Standards in Interview with Joe Pags

Daniel Turner, Founder and Executive Director of Power the Future, during a recent interview with Joe Pags, delved into the perceived double standards in climate policies and environmental agendas.

Turner began by attributing the rise of the far-right in Europe to their energy laws, which he claims have resonated with voters. He criticized President Biden for what he perceives as compromising European interests to appease environmental groups.

One of the central points Turner highlighted was the environmental impact of electric vehicles (EVs), arguing that they actually increase fossil fuel consumption compared to conventional cars. He asserted that the green movement prioritizes financial gain over genuine environmental stewardship.

Touching on global dynamics, Turner pointed out China's significant adoption of EVs, cautioning about the potential governmental control implications over personal vehicles.

Turner concluded by advocating for the celebration of fossil fuels, framing the issue not merely as an environmental concern but as a battleground between political ideologies.

For those interested in exploring Turner's comprehensive views, listen to the full interview below.

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