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GREEN AGENDA CONSEQUENCE: Biden Losing Support From Union Workers

The Biden campaign is counting on the mantra “union-strong” but many unions and their workers are shifting support to former President Trump, infuriating the Democrats.

According to Axios, “Democratic lawmakers in battleground states are worried that their long-running support from union voters may be the latest casualty of a political realignment that’s threatening President Biden’s re-election.”

Former President Trump has been campaigning aggressively for union support which may have been worth all the effort.  Biden’s green policies and burdensome regulations have ultimately hurt unions and the workers have had enough.  Union leaders are still pushing for Democrat candidates but the workers are shifting towards Trump and voting with their wallet.

Axios reported, “In February, the Teamsters made its first major donation to the RNC since 2004 after its president, Sean O’Brien, met with former President Trump the previous month. O’Brien has since requested speaking slots at both the Republican and Democratic conventions.”

(Video Credit: Fox Business)

In January, the United Auto Workers union endorsed Biden but many members are hesitant of the massive electric vehicle push from the federal government without the appetitive to purchase them from the American public. The EV craze has faded and the union workers realize that because of the slowdown their jobs are ultimately at risk.

Some Biden administration policies were created to help strengthen unions in an attempt to buy votes.“The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and the Treasury Department finalized prevailing wage and apprenticeship requirements for certain incentives contained in the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA), a massive climate bill that President Joe Biden signed into law in August 2022. While the administration characterizes the rules as a win for blue-collar workers, they will more likely give a significant advantage to labor unions — typically stalwart supporters of the Democratic Party — and drive up costs of IRA-backed projects that are already increasing, according to infrastructure policy experts and industry stakeholders.”

According to Ben Brebeck, VP of Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC), “If the Biden administration’s goal is to undermine taxpayer investments in the construction of critical clean energy infrastructure funded by the Inflation Reduction Act, this final rule is a wild success. This bold weaponization of the IRS and end-run around Congress in an attempt to steer clean energy construction contracts to unionized labor and contractors — key election-year donors — by incentivizing private developers to require inflationary and exclusionary project labor agreements should be extremely concerning for taxpayers and clean energy advocates.”

Biden claims to be the “most pro-union president in history,” yet his policies are putting millions of jobs at risk and the union workers know it.

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