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"Yea, I now have gas." Commentary by Dan Rivers

It was only an hour out of my relaxing weekend, but it's still another job I didn't need. 

Saturday night after another a shopping trip to Boscovs and dinner, I forced myself to open the Dominion energy Websight about 10p. At 11 I declared victory to my wife. 

You see, I could hear that incessant echo in my head from Ron Verb saying you have to lock in an energy company because natural gas prices are soaring. During the Trump administration natural gas was so cheap it was hard to justify exploration.

Nevertheless, I opened the Dominion sight and learned how to navigate the steps it takes to select a gas company. I never bothered in the past and just allowed Dominion to pass along the market cost. They don't mark up the gas they just deliver it at their cost.

After a couple starts and stops, I finally found the dialogue box that presented all the energy companies and now I had to pick one. Low-price, long-term contract. Short term, low price but for only 3 months. 

Finally, I locked in "Just Energy out of Houston for a year, slightly under 5 dollars per CMF, or is it CFM, no, I think that's a radio station. 

Well, here is my logic 12 months keeps me in gas thru next April. With any luck at all it should be warmer or survivable, and at that time I can re-up or search again. 

No penalty in my contract for leaving early, but who would want to leave early in the dead of the winter. 

It was an hour, but what about people who don't pick up a computer every day, who helps them? Who would have helped my mom and dad. Oh, just go online. Some probably think, fishing line, telephone line, county line. 

It's amazing what we are asked to do now. Pick a gas company, choose an electric company, scan your groceries, pack your own bags. Have you noticed how the world has given you more jobs each year.

There might be something to that guy who used to call, who lived off the grid with a burner phone and a Pup Tent.

Dan Rivers


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