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It's time for the adults to talk about debt.

Why is common sense in such short supply? Treasury Secretary Janet Yellin says, "there are no good answers if we don't raise the debt ceiling". Well, Duh.

Why does my side always have to carry the water for common sense. Hell, yes, the debt ceiling will have to be raised. My side says let's make some changes, so we don't have to raise it again. 

Essentially the Feds need the okay to sell more bonds and print more greenbacks. Why is that? So, we can pay for Granma in the nursing home, Lisa who is pregnant and without a father, Mom who needs her blood pressure medicine, Ukraine who needs another 4-million-dollar patriot missile to shoot down another Russian Hypersonic weapon. 

We need climate change cash for China because they need help in going green. Yes, we need Cell phones for migrants from San Salvador and workout clothing. Yes, they will need a bus or plane ticket plus food vouchers.

Sorry, this is just a partial list, we have to pay for the military, keep open obsolete bases, pay off failing cities like Chicago and Los Angeles and almost all others. Yes, this is why we need to raise the debt ceiling. We will get to the raise, it's just a matter of time.

Back to my original question, why does my side have to be the only side that says, guys we need to make some cuts, because this is a dead-end. We are going to have to do this again as long as we deficit spend. Let's stop it now.  

Not one democrat has come to the side of the conservatives and said, yes, you're right we need to make some decisions. Let's make them now and get this country back to solvency. The Biden administration took two weeks to agree to talk to the conservatives about making cuts in the hope we can avoid another debt ceiling raise.

If you ever wondered which party to join, this should be clear, join the party of sanity, the Republican Party. Common sense guys let's meet now and agree on cuts to be made and work toward a balanced budget. Yes of course we will raise the debt ceiling but let's sit and talk now so we can avoid a future crisis. It's immaterial on what to cut, so let's put it all on the table. Every item in the budget. Yes, even Social Security cowards. Sorry didn't mean to name call, start treating us citizens like adults. Share the horror story that is the budget, we deserve to know, we are the owners, you are the managers we hired now get some results.

Unless you don't care about the solvency of the United States? Maybe you think investors will buy our IOUs in perpetuity, even when we reach the point that the interest becomes the largest line item in the American budget. 

The day is coming when the United States will have to choose between a Patriot Missile and keeping Granma in the nursing home. I guess if you don't care -Party on. Use the good China, because this ship is going down. 

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